The Gizmodo Ladies Speak Out Against Sexism

Having a few women on board the Geeks Are Sexy team as well, we should give a little salute to Molly Oswaks over at Gizmodo for posting her rant as to why she and Leslie Horn should not have to put up with sexist comments on their posts as Gizmodo.

Oswaks elaborates on how technology is (most definitely) not a male-only subject, “An argument could be made that women use more tech than men do.” and declares Gizmodo her “playground” and that she has a right to “bring you commentary and opinion” and if that displeases you then tough cookies, ’cause she doesn’t really care!

I think the most important line is this: “It’s important to acknowledge the cultural climate of an industry. It is so important.”

The female geeks out there who are constantly facing the ‘boys club’ of the tech world, here’s an article for you…

[Your Nasty, Nerdy Sexism Isn’t Cute on Gizmodo | Photo Credit]