Pretty Seaslug!

I’m struggling to figure out what fictional creature this very real seaslug looks like. Some sort of Pokemon perhaps? A robot creature from some game somewhere? My brain is failing me. Someone help me!

If you’re wondering, it’s actually a real creature: it goes by the name of “Glaucus atlanticus” (I’m loving the atlanticus part) and grows to a maximum size of 35mm. They generally float on the water in groups, staying at the surface by means of an air bubble they store in their gastric cavity. They’re pretty much ‘go with the flow’ creatures, though they can move towards their prey using their cerata (which are those wing-like things on the side).

These things are tiny little predators that hunt down jellyfish-like sea creatures like Portugese Man-o-wars (or “Physalia physalis”):

They actually store the nematocysts from their prey in the tips of their cerata as protection. You wouldn’t wanna go petting one of these babies – human can feel their sting so if ya see one, make sure it’s dead first!

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    • Final Fantasy VIII Quetzalcoatl Guardian Force, mess with the colors a bit, shrink it down, take away the lightning and give it some super gnarly poison *BAM*… Extra-Bitchin Slug Thingy

  1. TBH seen this a while back… and looks like some kind of cross between a Minbari Fighter, and a Protoss ship of some kind.

    • I was trying to think of which pokemon I thought it was…and I THINK (and I'm pretty old school with my pokemon…I don't know all this sapphire, diamond, whatever-other-geological-formation-they-now-use shit) I was somehow thinking that that big pokemon in the Pokemon 2000 movie looked like this. After googling, I have realised it does not. :(

  2. "human can feel their sting so if ya see one, make sure it’s dead first!"

    Problem with that is nematocysts are pressure activated and don't require the animal to be alive to activate. You can get stung by a dead one, too…

  3. it looks like a blue dragonhawk from wc3(FT) and lugia or articuno from pokemon(lugia is from i think silver? i didint play much of these, kept it red blue and yellow only, my lil bro had silver and goold) and it reminds me of something from sc2(i didint play this much either, seemed like a step backwards from wc3)

    also kinda looks like the sobe lizard or dragon type thingy

  4. First thing I thought of was the luck dragon from The Neverending Story, which, I know, even nerds are turning their eyes from me now.

    • FALCOR!!! But it doesn't look like Falcor. Falcor was pink. And furry. And with ginormica eyes. I'm totally a Never Ending Story nerd *high five*

  5. To me, it looks an awful lot like Leviathan from Final Fantasy…but more specifically and most notably, the one from FF8.

  6. I enlisted the help of my geeky friends, one of them mentioned it kind of looks like Kyogre the Pokemon, we will keep looking.

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