Full Panorama of Mars from Curiosity Rover

I don’t know if the geek world has gotten over the landing of Curiosity of Mars yet or not, but I most certainly haven’t. This is a really cool 360 panorama that photographer Andrew Bodrov created using the images taken by our new Martian resident.

Apparently if you look at it on a tablet or smartphone, you can actually move around your device as if you were actually on the planet (I have yet to test this). It seems like this is an even better version of Microsoft’s Photosynth app I reviewed not too long ago.

Curiosity rover: Martian solar day 2 in New Mexico

[Via GeeksHaveLanded]

5 Responses to Full Panorama of Mars from Curiosity Rover

  1. I reckon someone should go out to those coordinates and see if it's there. XD

    Just to see if they are really on mars. LOL

  2. This is not from an official source, and there's no knowing what liberties the artist has taken. In other words, this is fake.

    Please wait for official panoramas from NASA/JPL; they are coming, and they will be truly spectacular.

  3. Even NASA has come forward saying they’ve doctored their photos to make them appear “more Earthlike”… admitting they doctored them at all just welcomes scrutiny, especially on something that’s being made such a big deal out of. If they just let it be $2.5 billion dollar pictures of red sand, no one would care save for to complain about the cost; but then when you start trying to dress it up to make it more interesting, it just calls more attention to how unimpressive this really is at face value. The people that are all “HA HA! Screw the Olympics, we just landed on Mars!! U-S-A!! U-S-A!!” are the same ones that will be like “they photoshopped the pictures?!? FAKE!! CONSPIRACY!! WHAT ARE THEY REALLY SPENDING THE MONEY ON!!”

    Me, I’m in the “isn’t this the fourth time we’ve done this? And didn’t the Russians do it like 40 years ago? Why am I supposed to be excited again?” camp.

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