Gamer Boyfriends – Internet vs. Reality [Pic]

I’m not so much of an obsessed gamer myself, but the “according to the Internet” might very well happen if you plonked me down in front of Stargate and my significant other started to get randy…

Who am I kidding, it always happens like the reality column.

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    • Confirming Sharon's statement… once you've sexed yourself to exhaustion, its easy to pass up the boobs for just 5more mins.

    • I’ve found that when my ex girlfriend did pull the ‘girls’ out, it was for like 2-3 seconds at a time. And when she did it, it was always outside my field of view. Then when she said “you missed it.” I’d turn and be like, “What? what did I miss?” “I flashed you.” at which point i’m thinking, ‘okay, wtf was the point if you’re not gonna turn me to face you in the first place? if i see them, i’m gonna say to hell with the game.’

      FYI i’m a computer gamer, not so much console.

  1. You guys think thats bad? Try being a web developer. I have to schedule 'personal' time for reals… but at least I get paid with cash… not headshots.

    • I'm married to a web developer/app designer, and I totally understand what you mean – when he gets free time, he gets to chose how and with whom he spends it.

  2. I’ve been in both situations. It friends on who you’re with….but I will say the ‘internet’ scenario is more common in my experience.

  3. I call BS to the ladies here saying they’re hot. As an avid gamer, who is married with three kids and holding a full time job, I take the Nookie over the Raid/headshot everytime and TWICE on Sunday!!! So I say that either they ladies here aren’t living up to what they say, or, the dudes they’ve dated were gay.

  4. Some dudes, no matter what, are just mean and selfish. They can play football or be a gamer. I'm an attractive lady, wouldn't go so far as to say hot but in college the internet version happened to me. Either I had to get into the game or get out, at the time I chose the game. Then I got laid later…. today, you either make me number one or two, OR I'm out at the beginning. Just the way it goes, you live and you learn.

  5. I am a Fat unattractive gamer chick married to a gamer and neither gaming nor my looks ever got in the way of business time. If you're attractive and have a problem, you aren't doing it right.

  6. what about the multi tasking gamers? I've played a game while attending to my batter half….. forgot to turn TS off at first, my guild heard a little more than i wanted them to LOL

  7. The trick is, you have to be a gamer girlfriend too. My BF games MOBAs constantly. I could totally see him turning a half naked me away, just because he's 30 minutes in game and can't leave.

    A non-gamer would get in a huff in leave. I just play with him, or watch. It works best if you share priorities

  8. Well theoretically this is true, however, girls rarely just walk up and say "Hey, wanna make out?" Gamer guys are looking for a girl who will pick up a controller or keyboard and join in and then move onto other things after co-oping together.

  9. This is Sexist!
    Every guy who is in the mood when his girl is not has to take “no” for an answer. So why should a girl not have to take at least a “not right now” when she is in the mood, but he is not? Equal rights anyone?

  10. This is the weirdest thread. Like you have to add 'I'm attractive' to your argument to make it valid. If you're partners in the middle of something, regardless of what it is, who just walks up and demands sex? Thats rude. And really, if it were the other way around, and the guy blocked what she was doing, and whipped his pants off, I doubt people would have the same reaction.

  11. Definitely "reality" in our case (for both of us — we're both gamers, and duh, yes, assuming we're in the mood, and if we're not, we're a lot more polite about it than "boom, headshot." Eyeroll.)

  12. I have to say sex is way more appealing than video games in all instances. Just hit pause and come back to the game later. If it's a multiplayer game my friends will understand me bailing for some fun with the wife.

  13. No game wins out over booty calls in my world…being newly divorced I wish I had this conundrum in my life more often again. :(

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