Charge Your Phone as You Pedal

This BikeCharge Dynamo thing looks pretty cool, but I wonder if the wire that comes with the iPhone is long enough? Are Android mobile cords long enough for this?


  • Fits any spoked wheel.
  • Charges any USB powered device.
  • All-in-one design with bike light and power generator integrated in a stylish body.
  • 3W 5.0V DC output.
  • Fully charges most mobile phones with 2-3 hours’ ride.
  • 20% lighter than similar system driven by hub dynamo.
  • Low load resistance. Zero resistance possible if not in use (by disengaging clutch).
  • Starts to work at 5 kmh. Full capacity at 20 kmh (based on 26” wheels).
  • Easy DIY installation. Tool-free for Quick Release wheels.
  • 1W front LED with integrated lens optics.
  • 2 S/B LED rear light.
  • With 700mAh Li-ion battery for keeping lights on for 2 hrs after stop riding.
  • Beam angle adjustable.
  • Remote-controlled lighting switch.
  • Weatherproof

[Currently out of stock, but hopefully back soon for $99.99 at Bike Console]

5 Responses to Charge Your Phone as You Pedal

  1. Well, considering Android cables, unlike those for Apple devices, actually follow an established standard (Micro USB), for which cables are available in pretty much any length, including several of variable length, yes, they are long enough.

  2. mi calculator came with a micro usb 2 meter cable, and it fits in my phone, so… yeah, android device cables will work perfectly

  3. You can get USB extensions… but I'd be a bit concerned abound snagging the wire on something. Good idea in principle.

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