Bill & Ted Sequel!?

Did I just completely miss this rumour!?

Well apparently I did and what was rumour has now been somewhat confirmed. I’m quite sure we have enough readers out there old enough to remember the wonderfully stupid adventures that Bill & Ted went on so long ago…back when Keanu Reeves was just a kid.

The third instalment is now underway it seems, as Vulture has now reported that director of Galaxy Quest, Dean Parison is on board!

Apparently this movie will be Bill & Ted as they are today, writing the song that saved the world.

Unfortunately, it seems MGM is still shopping around to other studios for co-funding, and Parisot has to finish up on the sequel to RED, but otherwise it seems to have a green light.

I really need to watch the first two movies again…I suppose we can expect a boost in DVD rentals of Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure!

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2 Responses to Bill & Ted Sequel!?

  1. I just bought the two original movies last week. My friends and I discussed how awesome they were, and we even talked about what a seauel might be like. I think not being able to have George Carlin in it kinda sucks, but I would LOVE to see Keanu Reeves be Ted again. And hopefully the goofy facial hair from the end of Bogus Journey will be omitted.

  2. But regardless of whether a third movie actuLly gets made, I had to let my kids see the original. I don’t really think they’re ready for the second one. I saw the original so many times as a kid that I had it memorized, and I had no idea why they were all thinking of the #69. LOL!!

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