3D Printed Toys from Cubify

The age of 3D printers as a household appliance are slowly creeping up on us as company after company tries to find that one niche that will propel the masses into the future.

Cubify seems to think that the path into the home is through the children. That is, to design toys that children can print over and over and over. The latest in their 3D-printed toy ranges are colourful robotos.

The idea is that children can browse through a selection of robots, choose the one they most want, and have it get printed before their eyes.

From rocket ships to flying saucers, from crowns to keychain tags, Cubify are directing their creation design products (‘Apps’) towards the younger generation, though they have other products too, not just toys.

A Cube Home 3D Printer will cost you from $1,299, and you can purchase software that allows you to create anything you want from your own designs. You can then purchase the design for $0.99, or you can purchase the packaged product for $4.99 [prices are for the robot designs]

It’s a pretty stylish site and markets the product well – I think targeting the children in the home, and the child that lives inside many of our adult hearts, is a great way to sell the 3D printing technology to the masses and start this being a more common household appliance. I’m impressed.

[Cubify | Via Geek.com]