Wolverine Claws Acquired

Got the yellow spandex and but can’t find that last touch for your wolverine outfit? Here’s a set of “adamantium” claws so you can create a more complete costume.

Sadly, they are not made of indestructible metals, but indeed are actually made of plastic. But hey, be convincing enough and people will still run in terror.

 [Get it for $19.95 from Neatoshop | Via GeekAlerts]

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    • so? I've looked around neatorama pretty extensively and I haven't seen these. I bet there are plenty of people who haven't poked around neatorama who have no clue they exist.

      Age does not detract from coolness in the Geek world. Otherwise, all of geekdom would agree that A New Hope, Empire Strikes Bake, and Return of the Jedi were horrible in comparison to Phantom Menace, Clone Wars, and Revenge of the Sith.

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