Microsoft and Netflix Executive to Stay Supportive of Facebook

When Facebook went public, it didn’t quite do as well as expected and come August 16th, companies will be allowed to dump their Facebook stock.

It seems Microsoft doesn’t want to jump off the Facebook bandwagon just yet, seeing their 1.7 percent ownership of the company (26.2 million shares) as a strategic investment, not a short-term cash cow.

The top executive of Netflix, who is also a board member, apparently has also purchased several shares of the company.

It would seem not everyone is ready to give up on Facebook. What would you do if you had shares in Facebook?

Personally, I’ve made the leap over to Google Plus (check out Geeks Are Sexy on Google+ here). Social networking is being done right over there, and I reckon that’s the future, since Google is supported by all its other products, you’re not going to be flooded with ads on Google+. I could go on for hours…

[Via AllFacebook | Photo Credit: Scott Beale]

4 Responses to Microsoft and Netflix Executive to Stay Supportive of Facebook

  1. I could go on for hours…

    Why not? I myself am getting tired of Facebook and I'd really like to read an article that compares both. I know it would just be your opinion and not the absolute truth as to why one is better than the other, but still as a user/former user of both of them I'd really appreciate to read your take on the matter.

    I wanted to move to Google+ but considering their past in social networking I held back. But maybe it's a mistake.

  2. google+ is being done right over there? lol. g+ has even worse privacy than fb and you cant even delete it without deleting your entire google account. also, good luck trying to get pictures off the site or make them private. I tried moving some fb pictures over into a private album only I could see and they had likes and comments before the upload was even done. you must have very low standards if you think google+ is doing it right.

  3. Hung myself. People were laughing at me when I was stressing the “DO NOT BUY FACEBOOK STOCK” the day before and day of going public. Now who’s laughing at who!

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