The Truth About Customer Service [Pic]

[Via CB]

3 Responses to The Truth About Customer Service [Pic]

  1. Hey !!!!!!!! I was one of those customer service people that actually cared and did try to help… I know it's rare but some do help.

    • I was going to comment about how 80% of us actually want to help but we get #$%& at for not sticking to an ineffective script.

      Worst job I ever had, and when I left I vowed to try whoring myself on a street corner before ever doing that again.

  2. Reps should be trained to provide exceptional customer service. If they say that you will be transferred to the right department, it's the department that they think will help the customer best. But sometimes there are reps that don't know how to do proper transfer procedures that result to poor customer service.

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