Space Invaders Reusable Sandwich Bags


What better way to stay environmentally friendly and to make sure your kids pay tribute to the geek classics than to send them to school with these ultra “Earth Savvy” bags for their snacks, covered in Space Invaders motifs?

A washable, BPA free and food grade compliant lining on the inside makes the bag durable, while the white hook and loop seal (like Velcro) ensures the contents stay in the bag. The outside is 100% cotton and 300% awesome.

Sure, a few decades ago if your kid pulled out a PB&J out of this puppy, they might find themselves face down in a toilet bowl at the end of lunchtime. These days, they can let their geek flag fly with pride, and gain some serious cred with the gamer nerds. Or at least with the real gamer nerds, not just the ones who live on MMORPGs and have forgotten the rich history of the gaming industry.

[Get 2 bags for 12 USD on Etsy | Via GeekAlerts]