EA Sues Zynga for their Copycat of The Sims Social

So it seems Zynga has finally bitten off more than they can chew, and are having to face allegations of copying and repackaging games to make its gazillions of dollars.

No one can deny that Zynga games are popular – I myself play the various “with friends” games on my phone. But there also seems to be quite a popular belief that Zynga is evil – and gaming giant Electronic Arts is calling them on it.

In a glorious 50-page complaint (that you can read here), EA outlines exactly how Zynga’s new game The Ville was a complete and total rip-off of The Sims Social by EA. While I have to admit that I haven’t read the whole thing, I wouldn’t be surprised to find EA in the right on this one.

While the idea of patenting a concept seems a bit ridiculous to me, it appears that Zynga didn’t even bother to make many changes when they repackaged the game. As EA claims (on pg 14 of the complaint):

Every key element that has made The Sims series, and The Sims Social, so original and unique has been replicated by Zynga in The Ville.

I mean Zynga even used the exact same RGB skin tone values as The Sims Social. Given that RGB values result in over 16 million different colour combinations, it’s rather too small a chance that they would both choose exactly the same skin tones independently.

There are whole range of other points that EA makes from the showering sequences to the sleep sequences, from the cuddling and snuggling to the breakups that are all too similar to The Sims Social that it has to be considered copied.

It’s quite amusing how the complaint also dresses down Zynga’s previous games, with a whole section under the title “Zynga Is Widely Reported To Have Achieved Much Of Its Success In The Gaming Market Through Cloning Competitors’ Games”. Priceless.

Basically EA says that Zynga downright copied their game, which is in direct violation of United States copyright laws.

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10 Responses to EA Sues Zynga for their Copycat of The Sims Social

  1. Hunt up coverage of ex Zynga workers. There’s more than a few mentions that they were told flat out ‘don’t innovate, copy what someone else is doing’

  2. I'm no fan of EA and their business practices but they clearly have a point in this one. Zynga deserves to get nailed for this kind of stuff. If they want to have these games as part of their portfolio they should be buying the rights to use the games as part of their offerings and supporting these small developers that make these games they copy. Obviously Sims is not a small developer like the other games they ripped off and that's why they are finally getting sued because they finally ripped off someone with enough money to sue them properly.

    • Which is part of the problem. Money should never factor into justice. I understand nothing will ever be perfect but the government stopped trying to work on the justice system along time ago.

  3. Farmville is even a clone of a previous Facebook game. They just copy everything, or buy it out. Draw Something was bought out by them, Mafiwars was a clone. It a shame that a company can make that much money in this day and age through copy paste.

  4. It’s worth pointing out that the “Tiny Tower” game you featured is itself a shameless rip-off of Sim Tower.

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