Banned From Facebook: Adam Jay’s Tantilizing Venom Photos

When Superhero Photographer Adam Jay posted his photo set of a woman breaking out of a liquid latex Venom suit, it went viral. With nearly a thousand shares around facebook, the photos were going to get a lot of attention, but no one expected it to be the negative kind. Whenever one of the photos would be posted, it would end up dropped by Facebook with the claim it violated their Terms of Service in regards to decency.

Adam Jay and the makeup artist for this shoot, Carlos Blanchard, have been wonderful enough to provide Geeks Are Sexy with some of the photos in question.

What do you think? Should these photos have been banned from Facebook or are you rushing to show your mom how cool costuming can be?

Creative Director, Body Paint Artist: Carlos Blanchard of Rage Custom Creations
Photographer: Adam Jay, Superhero Photography by Adam Jay
Model: Freddie Nova

18 Responses to Banned From Facebook: Adam Jay’s Tantilizing Venom Photos

  1. americans ^^ a side boob and the nation are in panic

    come to the european union we do not have problems with nudity :)

    • Just a point of reference, nudity and decency are two different things.
      We don't know if it was the side boob or that the individual pictured is clearly being attacked while venerable and in distress.
      In addition FB is going to police any page that gets more popularity more heavily than its average users.

      • I saw the exact image that was banned, it was half of the model in latex, and the other half with latex torn off… the woman's arm was over her breast. You could see cleavage only.

        you can see that image here

        As a body painter, I'm use to my work being flagged, so can say that "one" person found the image offensive, and they flagged it for review. That's all it takes on facebook, one person, and once in their sights, they will start to remove images left and right.

    • true, some profile pics are more obscene than soft porn, lol

      i dont see anything wrong with these pictures tbh

  2. What it means is that someone complained about it. That's all it takes. I'm sure there's a minimal threshold of complaints, but it doesn't take much.

    Something similar happened with a friend of mine and pics she was in involving body paint. She was clothed from the waste down but completely covered in paint (with even nipple shields that were painted, too).

    But, because the pics were complained about to FB they were banned from the site… So it isn't FB's fault, per se, but instead the people that got offended by both sets of wonderful pics…

    • How on earth do you come to that conclusion?
      Not every single issue in the world comes down to equality…
      Also equality for who, men or women? Your post makes absolutely no sense.

  3. I think they really need to lighten up on their restrictions. Those images were tasteful art in my opinion. Regulations be damned when abused.

  4. This completely falls under Fair Use…
    It's very erotic but nothing entirely offensive.
    I don't know when a side boob hurt anyone.
    The fangs in 2 of the shots are a real nice touch.

  5. These are amazing.
    I've seen more tits in the teenagers clubbing pictures.

    Society sickens me!

  6. To the person who wrote the 2 comments that I removed:

    As the owner of this blog, I'm responsible about what gets published here. That means it is unacceptable for someone to attack someone else on this site, whether the attack is true or not. This post is about art, nothing else.

  7. you don't see anything……..are they objecting because they show the outline of boob??? then why aren't they banning all the bikini pics on Facebook, i have seen a lot riskier pics on Facebook that were not banned…….what is it with Americans and boobs but yet post a pic of a gun or a gory horror pic and its fine but god forbid you post anything that you would see on a beach…….. personally i'd be more worried about the kid who is been over exposed to violence and guns then the kid who sees a boob and people wonder why there is so much gun crime and spree killings in the US

  8. I've seen far more revealing on FB..their policies seem to be pretty arbitrary on what is indecent and what is not.

  9. This is not news. For shits sake, someone reported a photo. It happens all the time. Way to make a big deal out of absolutely nothing,