Banned From Facebook: Adam Jay’s Tantilizing Venom Photos

When Superhero Photographer Adam Jay posted his photo set of a woman breaking out of a liquid latex Venom suit, it went viral. With nearly a thousand shares around facebook, the photos were going to get a lot of attention, but no one expected it to be the negative kind. Whenever one of the photos would be posted, it would end up dropped by Facebook with the claim it violated their Terms of Service in regards to decency.

Adam Jay and the makeup artist for this shoot, Carlos Blanchard, have been wonderful enough to provide Geeks Are Sexy with some of the photos in question.

What do you think? Should these photos have been banned from Facebook or are you rushing to show your mom how cool costuming can be?

Creative Director, Body Paint Artist: Carlos Blanchard of Rage Custom Creations
Photographer: Adam Jay, Superhero Photography by Adam Jay
Model: Freddie Nova