Facebook Stories: Inspiring uses of Facebook

Facebook Stories is a fairly recent innovation from Facebook. With the subtitle of “People using Facebook in extraordinary ways”, videos can be uploaded here to exhibit how Facebook can be used to change people’s lives.

The first video for August tells a truly inspiring story of how Mayank Sharma lost 27 years of his life in a flash because of a terrible progression of meningitis. He found his Facebook account and used the ‘People You May Know’ feature to reconnect with people who had been a part of his life once before, allowing him to rebuild his life.

The whole website is actually a pretty cool innovation from Facebook. It goes some way to giving us social network addicts something to hold up and say that, “Hey, this isn’t just all about sharing memes and telling the world about our banal lives. Social networks make a difference.”

Take that tech naysayers.

I’m interested in watching more of these videos to see how Facebook may be used in interesting and innovative ways. Have you ever used Facebook in an extraordinary way?

[Facebook Stories | Via Geeks Have Landed]