Classic Video Games Reimagined as Comic Books [Pics]

Artist Afronator created these comic book covers — using classic video games as his inspiration.

[Via Coffee Break/Joe the Peacock]

8 Responses to Classic Video Games Reimagined as Comic Books [Pics]

  1. Mortal Combat might be considered ‘classic’ in it survived from the coin-op days. But assassins creed is a current gen console game. Now Joust or something like that…
    Cool nonetheless!

  2. I realize it's hard to keep track of who did what in the day and age of google image searching for credit, so I appreciate everyone where who was able to LOOK AT THE PICTURE WHERE IT SAYS "ILLUSTRATED BY RUSTY SHACKLES.

    And kudos to the commenters pointing out where the art work came from – this wasn't just some comics & games mash-up.… It's games AS the comics that inspired them. Not GAMES AS COMICS BECAUSE THEY'VE NEVER HAD COMICS BEFORE. Not anyone's fault, just the further it goes from the original source the more and more context is lost.


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