Geeks are Sexy Finally has a Mobile Site!

Edit: Ok, it seems there’s a few things that need to be fixed. We’ll bring the mobile site back on later :)

Hey geeks!

We finally have a mobile site! Yes! For now, it only works for people who have either an iPhone, an iPad, or a Kindle Fire, but Android support will be there very shortly.

So for those of you who can access the mobile site (it should load up automatically when you access our url via a supported device), I’d love to hear your opinion on it.

Thanks everyone!

Yan [GAS]

18 Responses to Geeks are Sexy Finally has a Mobile Site!

  1. tisk tisk at not releasing both at the same time. ;) seriously though I had no idea that there was any difference for a mobile webpage to be compatible… learn something new everyday.

  2. I got such a shock this morning when I was automatically directed to the mobile site. It's impossible to see anything, ugly and crashes. No images loaded on the mobile site but as soon as I changed to the desktop site thes appeared. Ads take up half the screen. If Internet browsing is increasingly being done on mobile devices WHY do companies insist on forcing us to do so on a different site with less content that is harder to navigate and NOT making it obvious how to change back to the normal site. Surely I can't be the only person to expect browsing on a phone to be the same as browsing on a computer (just smaller), otherwise why bother? I will no longer be visiting the GAS website from my iPhone. Good day, sir!

      • On my phone the ads loaded first and blocked out the page. And navigation is not very well configured. On most iOS apps you scroll down to get to more content, not left to right.

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