Rowling Children Get Harry Potter Treehouse


How much do you want to be the child of one of the richest people in the world? I would imagine J.K. Rowling’s children are over-the-moon about their mum’s success because their mum is treating them to a treehouse that will be so enormous that it actually requires planning permission from the City of Edinburgh Council before construction can begin.

Of course, since the money has come from the Harry Potter franchise, the plans show that the treehouse resembles Hogwarts-like architecture, featuring a rope bridge, spiral staircases, carvings, balconies, escape poles and even a secret access tunnel.

Something like this doesn’t come cheap, with the estimated costs reaching £150,000. Hardly a dent in the Rowling fortune though.

I wonder if at extra cost they can install a bathroom haunted by Moaning Myrtle and maybe even a portrait of Dumbledore that talks back? I could see that happening.




I hope the Rowling kids know how lucky they are.

[Via Nerd Approved]