Solar Energy Generating Sphere

People think windmills are ugly (I disagree though – I think they’re quite neat) and that photovoltaic dual-axis solar panels, while efficient, aren’t really any prettier. Well André Broessel from Barcelona has united sleek architecture with intelligent scientific design as an answer to the ‘ugliness’ of renewable energy devices with the “ß torics” system. This spherical […]


Geektastic Star Wars LEGO Clock

This geektastic Star Wars LEGO clock was built by Instructable user YOUgNeek’s son when he was 4-year-old as part of a clay class. Quite a talented kid you got there, YOUgNeek! [Source: Instructables | Via Neatorama]

Epic GTA IV Back to the Future/DeLorean Mod [Video]

a fully functionnal Back to the Future/DeLorean mod for GTA IV? Now how awesome is that? If you want to try your hand at implementing it, just follow the (not so) simple instructions located below the video on the Youtube page. [Via]

Portal-Themed Wedding Cake Toppers [Pic]

Reddit user Pheadlessg is getting married on Saturday, and he decided to share a picture of his awesome wedding cake toppers with the Internet. Will the cake be a lie? I guess he’ll have to wait until Saturday to find out! [Source: Reddit | Via NA]

Only 16% of Americans Understand “The Cloud”

That’s right. A stunningly low proportion of only 16% Americans know what “the cloud” is, according to a national survey conducted by Wakefield Research, commissioned by Citrix. Other stunning statistics to come out of the survey are as follows: 29% of correspondents responded with a reference to an actual cloud, the sky or something related […]

Be Water My Friend: The Remix [Ft. Bruce Lee]

A musical tribute to the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee done by the genius behind the symphony of science series. [melodysheep]

What American People Do on Workdays [Infographic]

It’s kind of sad that working and sleeping takes most of our time, while taking care of elders and children is way down the list. Everyone likes to blame the education system for the troubles we have with our kids, but overworked parents are often the problem… at least that’s what I think. Thoughts? The […]