Mary Jane Striking the Pose [Picture]

Almost perfect… but unfortunately fortunately there’s a little problem with this picture: Stacy of Gotham is a just a simple human being.

[Stacy of Gotham]

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  1. only complaint is that in the drawn pic, her arms prop up her boobs, not so in the real pic. but otherwise, almost perfect, and totally sexy.

  2. Yeah I don't know why they didn't have her arch her back a bit more, tilt her head, and have her arms boost her breasts more, it would have been very doable and simple to adjust to make it more in line with the cover art. Ah well. My one big real complaint about the art is that the tops of MJs thighs curve too much to be "anatomically normal". Fail on the artist on that.

  3. For those complaining about the real picture….
    1) She can't arch her back any more than its arched. Try sitting that way, with your hands in that position, and then arch your back. It's physically impossible for most people.
    2) She is using her arms to prop her boobs. Natural boobs squish together when you do that with your arms, rather than pop out. Remember: Real Boobs Are Squishy!

    I much prefer the "real person" pose to the drawn one. It just looks more natural and lot less… painful. Though I can't imagine why anyone would drink coffee that way regardless. xD

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