Stanley is a Piano that Takes Requests over Twitter

Twitter has a really varied clientele, from well communicating social media junkies right down to those very same social media junkie’s dogs. But now an inanimate object hopes to communicate with its followers with the gift of music.

@StanleyPiano is a unique Twitter account connected to a piano. A player piano.

A Player Piano is an automated self-playing piano that was invented in the late 19th century.

A digital creative agency in Seattle Washington called Digital Kitchen has refurbished an old player piano with modern technology, and thanks to the power of Twitter, you can send it requests and the piano will oblige!

You Tweet your requests to @StanleyPiano and Stanford, a custom moderation tool filters out twitter comments by song titles and adds them to the request list. When that song is about to come up, the requester gets a Twitter response letting them know its on deck.

Stanley is stocked with midi files of songs (and hopefully he has yours) and a controller translates that midi into a set of commands. Boom. Piano playing itself, just for you!

Unfortunately Stanley doesn’t have a permanent home, so to enjoy the fascination of issuing commands to a piano in far away lands (or just up the street depending on where you live) you will have to keep tabs on the lonely fella for upcoming appearances.

You can check him out at