Wi-Fi Robot to the Rescue

Students at Northeastern University have developed a rugged robot that deploys Wi-Fi where it goes and uses GPS and its own Wi-Fi for control, meaning its range is pretty much limitless. It also has the ability to drop repeater units in order to broaden its range and has an on-board camera to help the operator navigate.

With audio and images able to be relayed back through the repeater chain, the military uses are obvious. However, I think it would also be useful for setting up temporary Wi-Fi in other professions too – I imagine archaeologists could make good use of it, and explorers and travel reporters too.

Who needs a St Bernard with a keg of rum around its neck when you can send it a trusty robot wifi to get you out of a bind!

Here’s a video of their nifty little gadget. The music made me giggle.

[Via GeekGadgets]

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