“Why Cleavage?” Cartoon Comments on Boobs and Comic Character Costumes [Pic]

Internet cartoonist Aaron Diaz — known as Dresden Codak online — created this humorous, yet insightful, web comic depicting the impracticality (& chauvinism) of the costumes worn by female comic book characters.

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  1. Um, why is this so heavily censored? The original had enough censorship from allowing the world to see dirty, dirty woman nipples. Was the extra big black box really necessary? Especially on a post about misogyny in comics.

  2. yea..we read comic books because we want to live in reality… hahaha

    I understand where your coming from, and see the chauvinistic qualities that you are trying to point out but……fantasy (of course mixed with tons of sexuality) sells.

    draw a comic featuring a woman superhero in a turtle neck with a flat chest and see how well it does.

        • I'm a woman as well, and I love both ideas. I don't understand why they can't BOTH exist?

      • no it wouldent. i type as i sit behind the counter at the comic shop i work at. EVERYONE would ask why shes dressed like its 12 below outside and "wouldent it be hot when she fights?"

        • Then why does no one ask that about the x-men? Or Superman? Or Deadpool? Or <insert hundreds of other super hero males that wear full body suits>?

        • But more importantly, if cleavage is THAT important to a female comic book character, we're just as retrograde in the head as they were in the 50s when they thought it was ok to slap their secretaries on the ass when they did a good job.

  3. I don't get everyone's issue. I really, really don't. In fact, all the needless "It has to have boobs to sell" comments are exactly what's wrong with not only the comic industry, but video games, table top games, fantasy genres, and LIFE as a whole.

    Why can't there be both? Why does suggesting there be something else mean it has to REPLACE the existing? Why can't it coincide? Are you boys so scared of real women invading your "He-Man-Woman-Haters-Comic-Club" that you can't stand the idea of something not being 100% sexualized, actually selling?

    btw, I work in porn ffs. I understand sexualization in a way that most of you would never even remotely understand. So, I say, bring it on. If the only reason you read comics is to stare at wonder woman's cleavage, you might want to find a new hobby because that's pretty pathetic.

  4. Studies show that women also like cleavage…so stop pretending to be better than men. You girls are worse actually (take it from the guy who got friend zoned in high school) You are dirtier and raunchier than men can ever hope to be. kk thanks

    • This was drawn by the person who also draws Dresden Codak. Said artist's name is Aaron Diaz. Are you 100% sure you want to tell him he's worse than men?

    • "take it from the guy who got friend zoned in high school"

      Why the hell would this give you any type of credibility? That's like saying "All humans hate apple pie. Take it from the guy who once licked a wall in high school."

      Get off your bitter high horse. Might help you with the ladies.

  5. Um, no. Just no. If people wanted comics about flat-chested women gymnasts in full-body turtleneck leotards, it would exist. Reality is kind of the reason for a comic's popularity. Gives us something else to think about, read about and look at. No one cares about wind resistance practicality if you're using a magic rope and flying an invisible plane two frames before -.-

  6. Comics are about escapism and fantasy. If we take all of that out and replace it by "realism", just because some people are offended by something that at least half the population has (in this case boobs), we might as well be making comic-book versions of computer-manuals.

    It always confuses me how people keep whining about cleavage, tight fitting costumes, "sexy" poses in comics when the very same comics are filled to the brim with violence. Take Wonder Woman, sure she's wearing a strapless swimsuit, she has since 1941. So far since the new 52 reboot, that same comic has contained scenes of decapitation (in one case a partial decapitation where only the top half of the head was sliced off), an army of the dead, amazons slauthering each other and so on. Still, people complain about the cleavage and the fact that Wonder Woman slept in the nude. Again, something that is actually quite common and not in the least bit offending. Just enjoy the comics (Wonder Woman, for one, is a very good comic), or leave the people who do alone.

  7. The nerds who argue "comics are escapism and fantasy" (ahem, Peter), just because it titillates you doesn't mean it doesn't exploit someone.

    I'm a female who enjoys Realistic portrayals of women in comics, no matter the level of violence. Love and Rockets creators the Hernandez brothers, for example, were able to create awesome, relateable female characters without making them overly sexualized fantasy versions for men to drool over.

    Even Tank Girl, one the top comic book heroines, is not famous for her hot bod, but for her take-no-prisoners attitude and wild style.

    That comics "need sex to sell" is ridiculous. Some artists will utilize the overly-sexualized style to gain readership among horny guys (and gals, alike), but I really don't think boobs ever Add to a character (unless, of course, it's Supergirl).

    • Tank Girl? really? She's regularly drawn wearing very little…

      But you're missing the point, I read a lot of comics and I know a lot of comics draw women overly sexual, I do. And, yes that could be improved upon, but nudity shouldn't be "strange" or "weird" or "offensive". Everybody on this planet gets naked at least once a day. You, me, batman and yes even Wonder Woman. The intense violence in comics should be a lot more offensive and strange and weird. The violence is not normal, or natural. I rarely decapitate anyone and thank goodness most people on this planet don't either.

      Yes, there are improvements to be made when it comes to oversexualizing women in comics, but the level at which people complain about it is insane. Example: issue 1 of the Wonder Woman reboot is really good. The story is compelling, the art is fantastic and at no point is Wonder Woman drawn overly sexual (in fact, of all female superheroes in american comics, she is drawn the least sexual in this series). There is one page where Wonder Woman is shown sleeping in her apartment (you know, like we all kinda do every day) and people started complaining about the fact that she was sleeping in the nude (even though this scene isn't even drawn the least bit "sexy"). The same issue shows two horses being decapitated with a scythe to have demon bodies grow out of the cut open neck. Nobody complained about that.

      I think of it like this: what would I show my kids, a comic that occasionally shows a boob or a comic that occasionally shows a decapitation?

  8. At the same time, which is more popular, Tank Girl, or Wonder Woman?

    I'm a girl, a love comics, and I'm reading them for the amazing storyline and art. Peters right, its escapism. If you're reading it and thinking about the wind trajectory's technical impact on costumes, I don't think you're really that into it.

  9. I don`t get it. Is there male superheroes that are really skinny, with string arms and flat butts? I don't recall seeing one, ever. They all are ripped with chisel jaws, flawless hair and thigh clothing so you can clearly see their abs AND crotch. Do we complain? Practicality in comics? really? Should we question why everything explodes, why there's sound in space? When I read comics, do you think I care about that, when these women are totally bad-ass, punching people and flinging them miles away? Women that have a problem with how Female heroes are "portrayed" should read more closely. They would see that their supposed sex-appeal is never part of the plot, it's completely irrelevant. In fact, they are portrayed as strong individuals. The rest is an aesthetic choice and they are not ALL like powergirl. If you can't look past that, I feel sorry for you. You're missing out and awesome characters and cool stories.

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