R2-D2 Fire Hydrant [PIC]

[Source: Comediva]

3 Responses to R2-D2 Fire Hydrant [PIC]

  1. Cool – but illegal. The whole point of fire hydrants being red (typically) is so that firefighters can spot them quickly during an emergency.

    • They are all sorts of colors here (many of them green – and blend in with the grass >_>) But I would think an R2 decorated one would definitely cause it to stand out.

  2. They do come in a variety of colors: red, green, yellow, etc. They are color coded to tell firefighters the pounds of water pressure they can expect out of each particular hydrant, some produce more than others.
    Knowing you're at a low pressure hydrant, and may need to capture another to fight a fire, is kind of important, which is why painting them is illegal.

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