Nexus 7 triumphs over the iPad 2 in durability

It seems these guys had the money to test the durability of an iPad2 and a Nexus 7 by dropping them, knocking them off a low wall and dunking them in water.

Not recommended to try these at home, even if the Nexus 7 does largely survive!

[Via GeeksHaveLanded]

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  1. Impressive. I'm genuinely surprised both did so well. Still, the moral of this story is, don't take your tablet for a swim or play frisbee with it.

  2. Sorry but this is very Biased. First off, the first drop, the nexus landed on its back. Off course The screen would be undamaged, the ipad landed on its corner cracking the Screen. How about a more controlled drop where both land exactly the same way both times.

    Te same goes for the second drop. The ipad lands on a corner while the nexus lands on its back.

    For the eater drop, bothed worked. I think its bullshit they claim that the ipad's sound went off. The video was on pause. Of course there was no sound. And how do we know that while they "checked the ipad first" and the nexus was out of the screen, they didn't switch it for one that was just sprayed with water?

    I think this needs to be a controlled unbiased test. At the end give away a nexus for free? Very biased.

    • I agree with you on the drops, different angles have different effects.
      The water drop was a worthless test anyway. the water damage wouldn't have been evident for 2-3 minutes to days later.
      But calling it biased is just Fanboi. There was no need to switch out the device. This test is useless.
      The Nexus's speaker is on the back of the device(which an air bubble would conveniently prevent the pizo from getting wet). The iPads is on the bottom where there is a different situation.

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