Drinking is Coming

HBO’s online store is offering up seven Game of Thrones house sigil shot glasses. This could make for some very epic drinking times come season 3.

Grab some friends, pick a house and make some rules. Or just play by my favorite set, take a shot every time Joffrey gets slapped. You’ll be drunk in fifteen minutes.

[Via HBO Store]

5 Responses to Drinking is Coming

  1. I can't find this glasses anyone (I followed your link(s) and also tried searching at the page) , could be because I'm in Canada? maybe?

  2. The GoT geek and the graphic designer inside me are currently engaged in a terrible battle.

    The GoT geek shouts "Buy it! Buy it now! Game of Thrones drinking game!", while the designer says "No, look at the Lannister and Greyjoy sigils, they don't even seem to belong in the same set! And the Tyrell flower looks like something went wrong in the printing room!"

    The designer is winning. Sigh.

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