Actors With Roles In Both Doctor Who and Star Wars [Pic]

Our pals from Geeks of Doom made this cool infographic listing actors who had a role both in Star Wars and Doctor Who. Check it out!

[Source: Geeks of Doom]

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    • Ummm… technically the Show is still titled "Doctor Who,' his chosen name is "The Doctor." For purposes in this infographic all seems right, no? ;)

    • For normal Doctor Who, you are correct, however for the Peter Cushing movies (which, as stated in the infographic, are non-canon), the character's name is in fact Dr. Who.

  1. You missed the 2nd Michael Sheard appearance out from Who. He appeared in Rememberance of the Daleks, as a headmaster under the influence of the Daleks. and another appearance in The Pyramids of Mars.

  2. what about Ayesha Dharker who played Solana Mercurio in Doctor Who series 4 Planet of the Ood… she played Queen Jamillia in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones

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