Smartphone Skin Cancer Dermatology

The University of Michigan recently released a new smartphone app that’s designed to help you do self-examinations for skin cancer.

The free app, called UMSkinCheck, works by taking 23 (naked) pictures of yourself and analyzing them for moles and legions. The app will also have useful information and tools associated with skin cancer.

I wonder if smartphone cameras are really of a high enough resolution yet for this to be truly effective. Of course, it’s never going to be infallible, but will this really detect skin cancer unless it’s already quite far along?

Better to have something than nothing I suppose.

[UMSkinCheck | Via Gizmodo]

2 Responses to Smartphone Skin Cancer Dermatology

  1. That is unless the 'something' discourages you from getting a professional opinion based on a false negative.

  2. I would hope that if there were a “legion” camped out somewhere on my body, I would know about it without the help of an app!

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