Harry Potter: The Books vs The Movies [Pic]

Yep, Snapes looks about the same, that’s true… and Hagrid would have probably looked about the same too!

[Source: Robin Tatlow-Lord | Via Buzzfeed]


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      • yes there were pictures at the beginning of the chapters. I want to say there was a pic of him in the third book… maybe? but there's also other harry potter art done by the same artist that did the art for the book (I think) or at the very least in the same style as her art. Snape did not have facial hair in the picture of him in the Harry Potter Uno game (I played recently). :) ok I'll stop being a nerd now.

        • That's fine…I'm just pointing out the pic illustrated by Mary GrandPre in the books clearly has facial hair. It could likely just be that GrandPre took license and ran with it without Rowling explicit direction, but the image of Snape with facial hair did stick in my memory.

  1. Hermione started off just like the books started. She grew up. Book Hermione grew up too. J.K. didn't do much exposition on looks after initially introducing the characters.

    • Yep. HBO is re-running Sorceror's Stone right now. While her teeth maybe weren't as prominent as JK Rowling described, she had some seriously big/frizzy hair.

  2. Snape in the book is half the age of Alan Rickman, is very thin, has greasy hair, sallow skin, crooked teeth and a huge nose. Not very Alan Rickman at all.

  3. In Goblet of Fire when Hermione was cursed by Draco and her teeth were 'fixed' by Madam Pomfrey doesn't Rowling talk about her being pretty especially when she attends the ball with Krum? Everyone is like WOAH who is that?

    • Yes she was very pretty at the dance, which was partly due to the teeth but also the effort she put into her hair which she didn't keep up after the dance so she was only "stunning" for that night.

      Ginny in the books is far prettier than Hermione, but is reversed in the films. But when they cast these kids as 10 year olds they couldn't have known that.