YES: Steam Games Coming to Linux

Valve has revealed that it’s working on bringing its Steam gaming system to Linux computers. It’ll hopefully mean an end to awkward attempts to run Steam games via Windows emulators.

The project is very much in the early stages and the idea will be to get it working well with one specific set-up before spreading it more widely. The initial project will be to get a Steam client on Ubuntu 12.04, the most recent stable release of arguably the most popular Linux client.

A dedicated Valve team has already ported Left For Dead 2 to Ubuntu, so this will be the first game available. Though it already works on the system, there’ll be further work before release to improve performance and have it run smoothly at a high frame rate.

The prospects of extending coverage to other flavors of Linux depend on the success of the initial project (technical and/or commercial.)

The news has been welcomed by Valve’s more dedicated followers, a good proportion of which report that gaming is the only reason they ever boot into Windows.

It’s not the only expansion of focus for Valve. The newly released Steam app for Android devices lists a range of genres other than games, ranging from Accounting to Photo Editing. How many titles will appear in these categories isn’t yet clear, but it does appear Steam could effectively become an app store in itself.

That’s particularly intriguing given the company has just launched Greenlight, a system by which users can vote on which in-development games they like the look of and the highest rated will get priority approval and promotion in Steam. Such a system could work well as a filter for the sheer number of Android applications.

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  1. Porting Steam to Linux is fine… However, it will be pointless if game developers dont make Linux versions of their game. There are 10 times more Mac users than Linux users and still most games never make it to the Mac. Why bother with Linux if you cant get developers to target a bigger audience?

    • I gotta agree with you. My girlfriend has a Mac and we were pretty psyched when Steam starting doing Mac releases but now 2 years later the Mac library is pretty pathetic.

    • Everyone knows Linux users don't buy stuff…and Mac users couldn't figure out how to install a game if Steam didn't do it for them.

      • Bullshit, the humble bundles have shown consistently that not only will Linux users pay for stuff, when given the option they pay more than their windows and mac counterparts.

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