Deadpool Video Game Teaser Trailer is Online

Movies based on Video Games tend to suck. And video games based on movies have never been really better either. But there are a good handful of games based on comics that are really good (Arkham Assylum and City for instance) but then that rule gets broken when you make a comic book into a movie, then make that movie version into a video game.

Thankfully, a Deadpool video game will stand a better chance since it has not been made into a movie yet.

Check out the teaser trailer:

I don’t know about you, but that kind of had a stink of Duke Nukem Forever on it.

The character does break the fourth wall, but the gags (at least here) are pretty shallow and weak. I could see myself getting REALLY irritated with constant commentary like this. In the comics Deadpool is annoyingly sarcastic, has mental conflicts with himself, and talks to ‘the reader’ a lot, but I am not sure how this will translate into an action-packed video game.

It will all depend on the storyline (which I hope isn’t just weak reasons to make Deadpool kill people) and on game play. If there are a multitude of takedowns and weapon choices (which there should be,) then I can see some value.

We will have to wait for a full trailer or even a demo before I get excited about this one.

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