E.T. was from the Star Wars Universe


Ok this might be old news to the more hardcore fans, but this was a total revelation to me. Someone particularly enthralled with the idea that E.T. may have in fact have been an alien from the Star Wars universe actually trawled through the movie and found this clip – undeniably aliens that were of E.T.s race had a seat on the Senate of the Old Republic.

Spielberg and Lucas have long had a very public friendship, so the revelation, I suppose, is not entirely unsurprising. I just never really associated E.T. with Star Wars in the slightest…but hey, there you go. Apparently there was a kid dressed as Yoda for halloween somewhere in E.T. Must watch that movie again.

Does Indiana Jones appear somewhere too? Perhaps Han Solo too has some long lost sibling…

Or perhaps “genetic multiplicity” like Doctor Who/Torchwood’s Gwen Cooper? I’m taking this too far…

[Via Giant Freakin Robot]