E.T. was from the Star Wars Universe


Ok this might be old news to the more hardcore fans, but this was a total revelation to me. Someone particularly enthralled with the idea that E.T. may have in fact have been an alien from the Star Wars universe actually trawled through the movie and found this clip – undeniably aliens that were of E.T.s race had a seat on the Senate of the Old Republic.

Spielberg and Lucas have long had a very public friendship, so the revelation, I suppose, is not entirely unsurprising. I just never really associated E.T. with Star Wars in the slightest…but hey, there you go. Apparently there was a kid dressed as Yoda for halloween somewhere in E.T. Must watch that movie again.

Does Indiana Jones appear somewhere too? Perhaps Han Solo too has some long lost sibling…

Or perhaps “genetic multiplicity” like Doctor Who/Torchwood’s Gwen Cooper? I’m taking this too far…

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  1. As I recall, there is an official line on this from one of the directors addressing it as a friendly nod between them. Although it's very interesting to consider the idea that it represents a canonical tie between them. Given that Star Wars was "a long, long time ago" and there's been no visible evolutionary change in the species over that time, it opens up some interesting questions…

    • You have to also remember that it was also in a galaxy far, far away. So, if they have some form of spacecraft capable of intergalactic travel, it's got to move real close to the speed of light to be anywhere near practical, so you can then factor in time dilation, reducing the timeframe for E.T. and whoever else of his species went with to have differentiated from the base stock in the Star Wars galaxy :D

      • Well, not really because Hyperspace technology is already established within the Star Wars universe, which is either FTL transport, or it was a *really* long time ago, enough that planetary systems were a lot closer to eachother than they are now (which increases the time frame by an almost inconceivable amount). And it seems to be quite clearly demonstrated that hyperspace somehow ignores relativistic effects. Although, I suppose it's possible that the Star Wars universe simply has a much higher speed of light, considering that they have real time communication between different solar systems, which is absurd without some sort of dimensional warping, but I digress.

    • as opposed to humans, who changed so noticeably between the starwars timeperiod and the present. yeah; i get you.

  2. Actually, C3PO and R2 appear as hieroglyphs in the first Indiana Jones movie so there's a tie in there as well. I don't believe that either are considered canon so much as they're just easter eggs.

  3. Yup. Old news. RS is actually floating through space in the latest Star Trek movie when the Enterprise comes in late behind the destroyed fleet, right after they scrap the engine off a chunk of debris…

  4. E.T. was a jedi, that's how he made the bike fly. That's also how he healed eliot and that's also my he recognised yoda in the halloween

  5. I’ve seen this movie-maker nods often. I used to be married to a Disney … “fan” and she pointed out some fascinating nods in so many of those movies to the other movies that it was nuts. I hate to be boring, but I’m sure that’s all this was… though this is fun to catch. The guys at ILM are hilarious with some of the nods they inject in their projects. (Can I assume everyone saw R2 D2 float by the view screen in Abrams’ Star Trek?) -Bruce

  6. In Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", when the large alien ship arrives, if you look closely and freeze frame they actgually used and R2D2 glued upside down as part of the decorative mechanisms on the bottom of the ship. Lucas and Spielberg have been doing this to each other for years.

  7. WOW. This news is awesome. Hey, did you guys hear about this Y2K bug??? Could cause some serious problems for us computer users. Hopefully my US Robotics 56K modem will do okay after this. It is scary stuff.

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