Magnificent “Maleficent” Paper Mache Dragon Trophy

A truly magnificent paper mache dragon head based on the dragon form of Disney villain’s Maleficent by artist Dan Reeder.

I was asked by a man who lives in France to make a dragon trophy of “Maleficent”, the dragon from Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”. You would think that the simple lines would make this an easy task. But it wasn’t easy at all. It was quite a challenge, which I relished. I wanted to make the dragon that the cartoon would be based upon. But I couldn’t improvise very much without straying too far from the original drawings. And the lights were even a bigger challenge. Obviously I couldn’t get lights that would blast out of the mouth, eyes, and nose exactly like the cartoon. And the dragon had to look decent when the lights were turned off.

[Source: Paper Mache Blog]