Roachbot: Now with iOS controls


Designed for all those horrible people who want to mess with those of us a little bit terrified of the insect famous for never freaking dying (even though they’re actually rather harmless), the Roachbot is a remote controlled cockroach from Japan. And I suppose it’s been popular enough that it has warranted an “upgrade” to include iPhone and iPad remote support.

So if you happen to have interests that include both Apple technology and creepy bugs, then you may have just found your dream geek gadget. Although from what I can tell, you’ll need a friend in Japan to get one for you as overseas shipping is not currently available (here).

I find the little cockroach house super creepy.

I actually just learned from a friend that the cockroaches in the Philippines bite. I don’t ever want to encounter a biting cockroach…just the thought is horrific.

[Via GeekyGadgets]

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