From Windows 1.0 to Windows 8: The Evolution of the Windows Logo [Pic]

Notice the similarity between the Windows 1.0 and Windows 8 logos. Getting back to basics, Microsoft?


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  1. The Windows 8 logo is the ugliest of the bunch by far, at least the 1.0 one showed how windows could be placed next to each other on the screen

    My favorite remains to this day the Windows 98 one. It's the same as 95's, but with extra shading.

  2. I quite like it. Sticking with what works, is recognisable and has aspects of all the logos from the past.

  3. How did Windows 1.0 manage to have a better, more aesthetically pleasing, modern, forward-thinking design than Windows 8? Is Microsoft's design team completely backwards?

  4. I wish they kept the colorful icon….that way when I turn on my computer I can say "YAY I'm not in prision/ The depressing side of some perpetually cold country!"

  5. Actually, the "campaing" for creting the "new" logo was called "Windows, why are you flag when you're intended to be a window?" or something like that, and the original logo was actually something like a window that derrailed into a flag, that's why they decided to go back to basics, for real.

  6. The new Windows logo says: "I let my sister's 8 year old kid design it because times are hard, cash is tight and you'll all complain no matter what, so screw it."

  7. Does that also mean that the OS is going to have all the crash security feature (it crashes before you have a chance to get it infected)?

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