Super Soaker “The Thin Wet Line” [Short Movie]

Oh to be a kid again! :)

Thanks Matthew!


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  1. not too long ago it was my nephews birthday, so my 4 year old daughter and i went to the local toy store to see what we could see. i've done this many times and my excitement in being in a toy store is not what it once was…why does it seem all the toys are connected to a movie or some sugary pop star?
    then i come to the super soaker aisle…words can not adequately describe what came over me…satori maybe? then my fiscally responsible adult mind also got a foot rub, "buy one get one at half price". sweet.
    "is there anything else i can help you find" said the cashier.
    "we need water now, please." piped up my little girl. a tear came to my eye, i was so proud.

    my daughter and i are now the scourge of our neighborhood. father and daughter dressed up like rambo, hiding in the bushes and taking out dryness wherever we see it. if you are in your thirties and not owned a squirt gun since you were a kid, you really have to get a super soaker. water gun tech has advanced beyond my wildest dreams. i easily get 25-30 shots that go upwards of 30' and no leakage. thank you engineering students who got jobs at toy companies. i owe you one.

    also, in my excitement at the toy store i completely forgot to get my nephew a present and when i went back i had to promise my wife, on threat of divorce, not to go back into that glorious aisle. it might have had something to do with the ambush at the bus stop…suggested by my daughter so totally not my fault.

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