The Evolution Of Cell Phone Designs [Pic]


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  1. That is just dumb. That is over the course of like 25 years for the others and you compare it to 5 years of Apple phones. As an Android user, I even think this is stupid.

    • To be fair, if you even look at many phone manufacturers from the last 5 years, they changed a lot too. I remember back in 2007, my Sony Ericsson walkman phone had a slider, my one after that was a clamshell design flip from Motorola, then I had the very first Android one. The thing is, though many companies did change, it seems to have settled on the whole monolith-with-a-screen design that Apple did, indeed, innovate. So yes, Apple WERE so innovative, they ended up stifling all future innovation by way of making such a design decision that many were so enamoured by, that other phone companies stopped striving themselves, as did Apple, it seems. One day, someone WILL innovate again and create a whole new design that isn't just a giant screen in casing – Nokia's perhaps the one that's come closest with it's Lumia range, but even that is still a screen in a case, just not a black, featureless one.

      • Just wanted to say that I had in 2004 an HTC Windows Mobile phone that was all TouchScreen much earlier than Apple, and after that one I had a number of HTC phones all touchscreen until I got the iPhone when it came out. Apple did innovate on the design but they were hardly the first, maybe in North America they were the first to publicize them a lot and make them available through the networks, but in Europe you could get the windows mobile phones since 2003/4 all touch screen no keyboard and they worked very well. I think that picture is dumb also…

        • Oh no, I never meant to infer that Apple 'invented' the candybar-screen-only form at all. Merely that they innovated it to make that it's actual selling point, rather than simply 'just' it's form factor. As in they whittled the form down to have it as it's bare essentials (even the 'screen-only' Windows phones had a multitude of buttons on the sides – even more than the first Androids, from what I remember).

          Let's not also forget that Apple also tied the form INTO the phone being a smartphone too – the wide-ranging apps were BECAUSE of the fully-interactive capactive screen that could do pretty much anything an app wanted it to – the next phone form/function innovation is likely to be the same thing: not a simple shift from smartphone-to-post-smartphone, nor from candybar-to-something-new but candybar/smartphone-to-new-form-AND-function.

          And who knows what that will be?! I'm excited, personally, but I reckon it'll be a long wait with another – AT LEAST – half-decade of candybar smartphones to wade through first…

    • I agree with this. To the rest.. the candy bar form factor that apple uses wouldn't be so popular and limited if no one purchased it. So one can't just blame apple if it's not to their taste and others are imitating it. The customer has voted with their wallets and mindshare and are just to blame if not more than the company who made it.

  2. most of the sites really aren't about quality posts, there mission is just to get you here so you see all the ads around the edges.

      • This is killing the revenue source of a lot of small publishers like me… Yeah, ads sucks, but they're necessary. This place costs me in the 5 figures per year to run.. plus, got 3 kids, a mortgage. Life is expensive.

        • Don't worry- there are those of us out there that do care about what you do, and are thankful for the work and effort you put into this site. Keep doing what you're doing

        • I never used to use adblock software until websites started making ads so invasive you had to sit through a 30 second trailer/ad or they made it so if you click anywhere on the site but a link or the scroll bar you where taken to some BS ad site.

          I've disabled my adblock here because the ads are not to invasive and from what I've read you are a local to me (Melbourne ftw?), all that and I really find your site stimulating. That to me is worth a few ads. Just don't make them so they affect my browsing experience and we are golden. Everyone deserves to make a living.

          Now ads aside, I don't really see how the physical parameters of a phone can get much simpler than what we have. The OS is where all the magic and innovation is happening.

          Sure we get the usual improvements, longer battery life, faster CPU, better screens, more ram, faster storage etc. Aside from making it's physical dimensions smaller, as small as an edge less screen would allow at least what else is there to do with phones? at least until the next display break through is made affordable.

          I've seen innovations some people are working on, such as a device that can change its shape, screens with textures that can change etc but they are not going to change the physical appearance drastically like the touch screen phones did.

          Short of making a device that can project a holographic interface can the actual design change that much? I guess we'll just keep getting slimmer and lighter, perhaps even flexible devices.

        • That's fine, but stop running those horrible autoplay video ads on the right side or find an ad network that doesn't use them. Irritating your reader doesn't make us less likely to use adblocks.

        • Problem is that ads have a bad habit of giving people malware and other crap so adblock and other anti ad plugins have become more of a necessity than a option.

          However you can always add in the script that wont let a person view the page with it on if you need the support.

  3. Ok, I belive that some net-tabloids may not know, but GAS? Please, correct the picture. On the Nokia phones third from left is some Siemens and the last one is SPV C500, mady by HTC. Also, but I guess this is joke, first Nokia phone shouldn't have colour screen.

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