Stephen Hawking – Higgs Discovery has lost me $100 [Video]

You guys have to watch this and see the look on Stephen Hawking’s face at the end of the video.

Priceless, isn’t it? :)

9 Responses to Stephen Hawking – Higgs Discovery has lost me $100 [Video]

  1. HOLY S**T hes effectively talking about Higgs having solved the theory of everything. The theory that took Einstein to his grave a madman, with his inability to unify Quantum Physics with the theory of relativity. This is what he is referring to right??? WOW

    • No, he's talking about the standard model, not the theory of everything, that still remains firmly out of reach.

      • It's not out of reach, it's string theory/M-theory. It's just that… uh… well… the supposed vibrating strings of energy would be so insanely small that we'll never be able to empirically test them, but, hey, it's still there!… probably.

  2. Love it when he smiles. Was fortunate enought to have the opportunity to meet Dr. Hawking and watch him give a talk last month here in Seattle. Truly a life changing experience.

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