Spitfire Engine Rebuild Stop Motion Video

I am not a gearhead or whatever clever title equates to people who like cars, I am, however, incredibly fascinated with the way things work. I build my own computers, I am obsessed with Legos, and I am very decent at home renovations. Strangely I still stick my head under the hood when something goes wrong with my car, as if staring at it will suddenly expose some miracle fix. Note: It does not.

Anyways, Redditor “Goodoldluke” decided to buy a new engine for his Triumph Spitfire. And to be sure to remember where each and every part goes, he spent 11 months reconditioning the thing, took approximately 3000 pictures of the process, and made a stop-motion video of the whole thing.

The fitting end shows the inevitable leftover parts, but miraculously the car still runs.

As if the effort itself wasn’t a bold undertaking, but that he took the time to compile the images into an entertaining video documenting his journey just made it so much more amazing.