Nerd Alert Designs Brings “Geek Chic” to a Whole Level

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Nerd Alert Designs takes the ubiquitous (& exhausted) phrase “geek chic” and flips it on its pointy ear.

Most of their creations were designed with the businesswoman or party girl in mind — classy and stylish, yet still waving the geek flag with pride!

The “Dr. Oooooooooooooooooo” is a pencil skirt with tiny, sky blue phone boxes.

The “Who’s Your Daddy?” romper incorporates a cotton, Darth Vader-printed fabric.

The “XXX-Men Nightie” is for the geek girl who like to get flirty after dark.

They also created this costume, which combines the species of Wookiee and Ewok.

Crack those knuckles and get to clickin’! Shop their store!

[Via Etsy]

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  1. I dont understand stuff like this. The reality is very, very few women will wear this stuff. And those that do, never look like the models that the company uses. There are a few female geek hotties, but they are exceedingly rare. And those geek hotties, wouldnt wear this crap…

    • Huh? I know a lot of women that love stuff like this. Hot women. Ugly women too. Just like how there's hot male geeks and ugly male geeks. A geek is a geek, regardless of their random genetic make-up. One woman I know pretty much ONLY wears geek t-shirts (from subtle nods such as that niece's football team one from The Losers to an all-out superhero costumes printed onto t-shirts) To be honest, it seems geeks are more eager than the jockish-sorts they tend to hate for objectifying women, and to claim a woman isn't a 'real geek' because she just happens to be hot and 'could' screw any guy she wants. It's all a bit silly, really. Geek culture has shifted to the mainstream in a massive way lately, so now more women than ever (and men) are embracing their geeky side and would happily wear obviously-geeky things as actual daytime clothing rather than a simple over-sized movie poster t-shirt as nightwear.

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