Is the ‘Let’s Pizza’ Vending Machine the Next Big Thing? [Video]

If it’s one thing America needs, it’s more pizza!

At least, that’s what European company A1 Concepts is hoping for with their new Let’s Pizza vending machines.

One of the promotional images for Let’s Pizza by A1 Concepts.

Already a big hit in Europe, the vending machine — which uses robots to knead the dough, add the sauce, cheese, and toppings and an infrared oven to cook it — will start being placed in test markets in the U.S. soon.

So, tell us: Would YOU eat an 11-inch pizza for only $5.95 that only takes a total of 4 minutes to make & bake?

[Via NPR]

20 Responses to Is the ‘Let’s Pizza’ Vending Machine the Next Big Thing? [Video]

  1. Oh, please. I'll eat those terrible single-serve microwave pizzas. One that's actually made when I order, and baked? I'l definitely try it at least once.

  2. Seriously – was anyone looking at the pizza machine, or just her open shirt trying to catch a glimpse? ;)

    Not sure how I'd feel about something as volatile as pizza sauce in the tube for too long, good breeding ground. They don't show how these are cleaned between uses.

    • Pizza sauce isn't really 'volatile', per se (water, sugar, salt, flavourings, tomato paste). I'd be more worried about the meats remaining chilled at the correct temperature (what happens when the vending machine has its electricity cut? Is there a constant service/maintenance provided, or is that the owner's responsibility?) The thing is, all items are 'single serve' – so much like some Nestle soft ice-cream venders, the ingredients are probably kept in single packets, and then tossed after opening. Think like a small toothpaste tube.

  3. That pizza was wafer thin, with practically no ingredients. You could stack up all the slices and you might have the equivalent of one slice of pizza from a "real" pizza.

    • You must be an American. In other countries, some people enjoy their pizza light on ingredients. Could be why America has the most obese compared to any other country in the world.

        • sorry to inform you, but in not-third-world countries economic condition isn't directly related to average BMI. You know, even if I'm not american there's plenty of cheapish food here.

          Actually, rich people tend to be skinnier than low income and low instruction workers. Strange, isn't it? [/sarcasm]

      • sigh… pizza is NOT Italian. It was invented by Italian immigrants in America in the 1920s. Tomatos arent even native to Europe. They were imported from America. This is true for many "Italian" dishes. You will never find spaghetti and (red) meat sauce in Italy.

        • There was pizza long before tomatoes were brought over to Europe, which was before the 1920s either way. Tomatoes quickly became a big part of Italian cooking.

          You can find spaghetti in Italy. The sauce might not be "red meat sauce," but it's still spaghetti. The sauce could be tomato based and meat might come into play, but it still might not be "red meat sauce."

          A lot of dishes that are/were brought over to the US have changed substantially, but the original idea, or form, of the dish stays the same. Kinda like how Mexican burritos are a well balanced and healthy meal, while Taco Bell burritos are made of tube meat, cheese, beans and sauce in a wrap… both are delicious in their way.

        • and Sachertorte isn't austrian (cocoa) either, then.

          Spaghetti with red meat sauce? Never heard about "ragù alla bolognese"?
          If you never find it here, I must have been very lucky lately (in the past 25 years).

          By the way… can't really imagine why I should spend 6 dollars on a awful industrified pizza instead of a 4 euros handmade one ;) (and a LARGER one!)

  4. et y'a un mec qui passe régulièrement pour recharger les produits frais ? Sinon bonjour les gros problèmes sanitaires à vendre des ingrédients périmés…
    sinon en effet elles ont pas l'air bien grosses.
    je vais rester sceptique…

  5. I'd try it at least once. Anything else would depend on taste and whether or not I thought it was a good deal.

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