A Google A Day Keeps Your Brain at Play!

So you know how trivia games are always like “No Google allowed” and you’re like “Damn it, I know how to use Google like a pro.”

Well Google’s got a game for you.

Google has launched a web-based trivia game called “A Google A Day”. The idea of it is that they release a new question every day (at 12.01am EST) and you’re meant to use Google to find the answer – using nifty search features, which you can learn about at Inside Search.

A pretty ingenious function is this thing called “Deja Google” at the Google a Day site that allows you to search Google as it was before the game began. Why? So that you can solve the day’s puzzle without accidentally stumbling across the answer somewhere else on the web in your search.

Gotta love Google’s ingenuity: all the trivia games in the playground told Google that it couldn’t play with them, so Google went and created its own game, and is now watching the nerds flock to it.

Anyone already enjoying the “A Google A Day” challenges?

[Play A Google A Day]