iPhone vs Sex: Whacked-Out Priorities?

Gazelle, an electronics trade-in site, polled over 1,000 iPhone users.

And apparently, 15% of them said they’d give up sex, rather than go just one little weekend without their iPhones.

And 4% of those polled also admitted to using their iPhone DURING intimate moments.

There were other statistics, such as 65% saying they couldn’t live without their iPhone, compared to just 1% saying Facebook. Or how more than 25% said they “almost always” use their phone in a social setting, while 58% claimed to do so “occasionally” or “usually.”

And perhaps, the least surprising statistic of all: 85% admitted to using their iPhones while in the bathroom.

But seriously?? The iPhone > Sex now??

[Via SFGate]

6 Responses to iPhone vs Sex: Whacked-Out Priorities?

  1. How fucked up are people's priorities.
    I know one thing. These are not geeks being polled.
    True geeks, like myself and my best friend, know their prirorities. I have been in a relationship for almost three years now and I have never, ever said no to sex and when we're busy having sex, we don't even stop when someone's at the door, let alone use our phones.

    the fuck is wrong with people?

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