Oh The Places You’ll Go – Best Grad Gift Ever

I love stories like this because while I am kicking myself for not thinking about it first, it is an incredible effort by a very caring father.

An otherwise standard story of a teenage girl about to graduate high school while her loving father watched proudly. At the end of the ceremony congratulatory offerings of goodwill were exchanged among friends and family and dad gives the girl a gift.

The girl received a whimsical but thoughtfully fitting present of Dr Suess’ “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”. But that wasn’t the best part. Once opened, the girl then discovers letters of encouragement sprawled in the open spaces from every teacher she had for the last 13 years.

This is amazing and very touching. Her entire elementary and secondary school experience crowned with the well wishes of every educational professional she was influenced by.

More incredible is that the father kept this little project secret for 13 years. He didn’t track them all down in the weeks before graduation in hopes that they would remember this little girl. At the end of each school year, he would share the project with her teacher and have them leave a message of hope.

Just incredible.