Gary Oldman Alert! Prada Menswear Goes Steampunk for Fall [PICS]

Please excuse me…I’m having difficulty typing with all the drool drowning my keyboard at the mo.

Apparently, Prada has gone all steampunk for their 2012 Fall/Winter collection.

Steampunk really is everywhere.


Actors Gary Oldman, Jamie Bell, Garrett Hedlund, and Willem Dafoe (L-R) model the steampunk-inspired Prada 2012 Fall/Winter Menswear Collection.

Want more?? Of course you do. Click here for more saliva-producing pics.

[Via Buzzfeed]

17 Responses to Gary Oldman Alert! Prada Menswear Goes Steampunk for Fall [PICS]

  1. It’s somewhat Victoriana but I wouldn’t call it steampunk. Where’s the devices? The clockwork? Where are the goggles? This ain’t steampunk. It’s a fashion label jumping on a shortlived bandwagon and trying to appropriate yet another subculture in a move that reeks of crass commercialism and soulless profiteering. When something else becomes ‘cool’ for 15 minutes they’ll jump on that too.

    And it still ain’t steampunk.

  2. I fail to see how this is "steampunk." Steampunk merges Victorian design with futuristic concepts. Plus they love goggles. You apparently cant be steampunk without brass goggles.

    A few of the outfits look OK. Some of them make them look like look like bell-hops or waiters. In the last picture, Willem Dafoe looks like Obi Wan.

  3. Please let Steampunk become mainstream, please let Steampunk become mainstream… *closes eyes and crosses fingures*

    What? I want to see all the fashion elites wearing steaming punk! It'll be like retro-Victorian England. There's no way that wouldn't be AWESOME. *u*

  4. This style used to be called Victorian… and in fact, it still is, because I don't see them festooned with unnecessary brass and wooden doohickeys.

  5. "Steampunk! Replacing the wood parts with metal and the metal parts with wood since 18… I mean 1999."

  6. Just to let it be known, prada never called this steampunk. It's news sites like this that have.

    Lastly, I want this. It's about time us men can look dashing again.

  7. Nothing steam punk about it (missing that anachronism of 'future'). They'd be right at home in the age-of-steam 19th century though! Nice frock coat, Mr. Oldman! Cheers!

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