New Mass Effect 3 Extended Endings [Video]

Well geeks, the new Mass Effect 3 extended ending DLC is available starting today, and there’s a new ending (above) on top of the three other very dissapointing ones (Synthesis not available yet.) So, what do you guys think about these new endings? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Like it better than the others I've seen simply because Shepard was a woman in this one. I really can't stand the sound of the male Shepard's voice.

  2. So long and good bye… as you said i am disappointed too, i´ll probably never play it again, maybe just the first or second (best) part of the game, just to remember the good old times ;-)

  3. I think someone was watching way too much SG1, that ending was just 'I die free'……

    After what was solid for me in the first, to this….

    Yeah, listen, whatever, you worship the almighty buck, then let me spend my money on companies who respect, and listen to their fans. Not ones with egocentrism the size of the galaxy they just crapped on.

  4. I think I will go and get the game now, I avoided the game when it was first released due to the endings, but I'll finish my Shepard's journey now.

  5. It’s better but it does not remove the horrid first endings. A taste of steak after having a spoonful of still means you ate a piece of .

  6. I'm… I… I feel so betrayed right now…

    I'll just stick with my headcanon and pretend none of this ever happened…


  7. this is so hilarious. they barely even did anything here and people are breathing a sigh of relief? lazy asses don't even have an imagination anymore! you had to have bioware spoon feed you exactly what happened to every single person instead of imagining what would happen to be happy with an ending. they essentially said everything that i already thought was going to happen. they shouldn't have done anything and stood strong against all the bullshit. real fans with real BRAINS would have supported them. and guess what? most of the endings are still the same! they still kinda spat in the assholes' faces.

  8. I hate DLC. I completely finished ME3 in a couple days. I played through once and Im done. The game was traded in towards something else.

    The only time I will get DLC is if its part of a Steam sale, where you get the game and all the DLC bundled for a low price.

  9. My heart dropped when I saw the Normandy destroyed. Sure, a lot of gamers talked about the Normandy staying to fight, and that was how it should be, but it wasn’t a pretty sight. This isn’t anymore a likeable ending and it still pisses over my years of dedication to the series. At least this ending makes more sense then the others.

  10. They cut out the stupid grandpa bit in the end that didn't clarify anything and gave us a proper explanation why THIS Mass relay dying didn't wipe out all the solar systems (desctruction extended of course, best outcome, as I had in my game), and why the Normandy was suddenly in another solar system, apparently they were able to still use the mass relay and got bucked out halfway). We now know they were able to rebuild the Mass relays, (instead of a dark ages where noone knows anyone for centuries until they can reinvent a new one), and that the other races had survived and could link up.
    And that Shepard didn't suddenly appear on earth in wreckage, but clearly in the pieces of the wossname.

    It's fine! I am satisfied.

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