Must Watch: Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday [Video]

This is awesome! Seriously! If you’re a Deadpool fan, You need to watch this, like, right now.

Marvel’s popular crimson assassin has been hired to take out a specific target. Kill the man, get the cash. The problem is, he’s not the only one on the job.


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  1. Good idea and the hearts in the right place. The dialogue from deadpool just seemed too cartoony rather than actually insane constant ramble enemy to death with hilarious references. But everybody is a critic. It might have been the actors voice, a little too high pitched and a little too little of the smartass ramble. Try ryan reynolds style of talking he did deadpool perfectly

  2. Listen, If you call yourself a TRUE deadpool fan you would NEVER make a movie like this. The comedy was missed entirely. Deadpool is not some cosmic goof. He is deranged. I think the idea was well founded, but the delivery……Dominos does a better delivery.

  3. Love this movie short. As an AVP student myself, I can greatly appreciate this. People please remember this is not Hollywood, so yes there will be quality issues with: sound, writing, acting. But overall, this is great and hope there will be another one. Make it a webseries on Youtube or something.

  4. This was great to watch especially since DP fans have to practically beg for info on the movie schedule. The scene in the elevator? Classic Deadpool. If he didnt squeeze out a quiet stinker I probably wouldnt have watched the rest but you guys are dead on. Anyone who disagrees is an idiot who doesnt know the character. Some fool said hes more deranged than you portray, but its important not to lose the sense of humor in the crazy. Excellent job guys. The kid who played DP could give Reynolds a run for his money, and for my money I would suggest reynolds study your film and play it the same.

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