Microscale Science Fiction Lego Contest Entries

I am a big Lego fan and I am constantly amazed by what some builders are able to accomplish with their massive Lego collections. But what happens when you ask them to make something amazing with very little Lego?

A recent contest at TheLivingBrick put their builders to the test. The subject was iconic science fiction movie scenes and the goal was to build them with as few bricks as possible.

The results? I would gladly put each and every one of these on my desk in my mancave.

Check out some of my favorites (below) along with the Nebuchadnezzar from the first and second Matrix movies (above!):

Ludicrous Speed! They went to Plaid!!

At first I looked at that one and it took me a minute to see what I was looking at. Once I saw it, I was overwhelmed with glee! Very clever. My very favourite of the pile.

The Stargate

Awesome Hill Valley clock tower and recently escaped Delorean from
Back to the Future

Blade Runner

Jabba’s Barge and Skiff hovering over the Mighty Sarlaac

The Beach from Planet of the Apes

Enterprise facing off against a Borg Cube in First Contact

This last one nearly got my top vote because of the creative use of the white minifig body as the back half of the Enterprise (and the wind up key in the side of the Borg Cube)

Some really impressive stuff here and well worth the look. Check out Living Brick’s MiFi Microscale Sci-Fi Lego gallery for the rest of the entries. There are some really great ones in there too.

Which one is your favourite?

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