Which Tablet Came First?

Bitches please.

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  1. Considering TNG was filmed from the late 80's to mid-90's, the writers and prop designers can TOTALLY take credit for this.

  2. TOS Featued a number of hand held devices, but not anything close to the Ipad. The first concept close to the Ipad were featured in Kubrick's 2001 1969.

  3. A UK company introduced the concept for Air Traffic Control functions between 1965-1967. A paper was published in a scientific journal in 1968.

    • But Elographics created the first one that is the true precursor of what we see today in 1971. Patented in 1972 and 1974…but the name "touch screen" first came out of that company in 1977 after Siemens Corporation financed their work.

  4. Being first to develop a tablet computer is one thing. Being first after high-speed wireless broadband becomes widespread and commonplace is another altogether.

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