Jeans for the Laziest of iPhone Users

Alphyn industries has released these unique jeans, supposedly to “change the way we wear our jeans and our smartphones”. While they look like a regular pair of jeans with cool stitching and in an indigo colour, when the wearer’s phone buzzes with an SMS notification, you will be suddenly surprised as he flips open a flap to fiddle with his phone without ever having to remove them from his pants.

Discrete, perhaps, but also incredibly lazy. In a world where we drive to the supermarket down the street instead of carrying our shopping home, do we really need to reduce our physical movement even more!? How hard is it really to pull your phone out of your pocket?

If you really do feel that the fighter pilot G-suit inspired custom pocket – 3 by 5 inches (so fits the iPhone or a smaller Android) – is something that you desperately want and need, you can get them from Alphyn Industries for $160.

Personally, I think the pullover with a custom pocket in the left sleeve for $199 is far more practical, and way cooler. Would make me feel like the Protector from Continuum!

[By Alphyn Industries | Via Wired Gadget Lab]

6 Responses to Jeans for the Laziest of iPhone Users

  1. I have a wristband that I use while I'm in the market, my shopping list is on my phone. It's basically like the jacket only not as cool. I got it for safety because I was afraid I'd drop my phone. I can totally see the point of the jacket, it lets you keep your hands free but the jeans are a little out there. They don't seem to serve any practical purpose.

  2. How long has this design been around? I'd always thought about something like this, since with my old phone I memorized the menus and used to text through my pocket.. but what if you could see through your pocket? Damn, beat to it…

  3. Actually, the design and Idea is good but not really needed. I think I might get a free iPhone case instead of getting this one for free too. I don't see myself having to use my iPhone while inside my pants while standing and while on the train or any transportation vehicle.

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