Time Spend Playing Games: Kids vs Adults [Pic]

[Source: DoghouseDiaries]

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  1. I assume this is games in general, not video games. For video games the trend would be all wrong, as my generation that grew up with the NES, early PC gaming, and beyond have been more prone to continue playing to some extent into our adulthood.

  2. This makes no sense, you can't be a kid AND an adult at the "Beginning of time". Also it looks like someone made this in MS paint?!

  3. Since we're talking about smartphone games, this is referring to CASUAL games, right?

    Except I'm pretty sure this graph is still wrong. If I recall, casual (video) gaming started with arcades. Arcades had adults and kids playing games. When the arcade scene died [in the US], it took a lot of casual gaming adults with it. Home consoles were looked on (and advertised, from what I can tell) as "kid's toys", rather than something for adults. (And considering how crappy so many of those games were early on, I don't really blame most adults for not being particularly interested.)

    So perhaps a more accurate graph would have kids and adults on the same line, then the adult-line drop for a while, and then raise again when FACEBOOK became popular. Facebook pretty much reintroduced adults to casual gaming. (What a shame too, since many of them were "nickle and dime you to death" games.)

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